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3 simple words to describe our guidelines for daily business, as well as the main characteristics why Polar equipment is raising the bar in the HVAC industry.

Find out more about Polar

The Product

Tab “ Products “ above and find out why Polar is rising the bar and why working with Polar will be a new and pleasant experience  , no matter if you are  a design engineer , a HVAC equipment rep or will have or will have  Polar equipment installed in your facility


The People

Andre Danner-01.png

Meet Andre Danner

The creative head leading Polar equipment development and engineering, born 1967  in Stuttgart / Germany,  well educated engineer for refrigeration, is transforming Polar to become the premium HVAC Equipment brand, based on his creativity, talent , education, knowledge  and most of all his unparallel source of experience, 35 Years in refrigeration and 23 years for engineering and manufacturing experience

The Distribution

Polar Equipment is produced for and distributed by trusted brands such as Carrier and Dunham Bush along with a network of manufacturers representations, please contact us for contacts in your area.  

The Design


Due to its characteristics, Polar Equipment provides solutions, especially to support Mechanical engineers, no matter if the challenge is  Design, Performance, Lead Time, Quality, Capacity and Expansion, Service and Maintenance, Hauling, Space and Footprint, Flexibility, Noise, Vibration or Others, Polar will have the solution.  

The Clients and


Healthcare, Hospitality, Government, Education and Commercial Facilities trust in Polar to reliable provide climate or Process control  and support their daily business operation, foremost in challenging markets such as New York City and Miami  

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